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hydro facial beauty equipment
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Our company offers variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. We adhere to the management principles of "quality first, customer first and credit-based" since the establishment of the company and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with anirresistible force.

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Technology Hydrodermabrasion/ Spray mistgun/ Ultrasound/ Bio Photoelctric/PDT
Vacuum 90Kpa
Power 300W
Max output 250VA
Ultrasound 1 MHZ
Screen 12” Touch screen
RF 5Mhz
handle Hydrodermabrasion with 8 tips/Hydrodermabrasion with diamond tips
Spray mistgun 1piece; Biopolar RF 1 piece; Three polar RF 1 piece
Bio Photoelctric handle 2 pieces; Ultrasound handle 1 piece
Skin scrubber 1 piece; Photon Brush 2 pieces
Voltage 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Package size 130*58*50cm
Net weight 42KG
Warranty 1years for main machine and 3 months for spare parts

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Q1. Can I customize my own machine?

We can do that and we can make your logo on the machine

Q2. What is the warranty for the machine?

We have 1 year warranty for the main equipment and 6 months warranty for the spare parts. All-life maintenance service is provided by us.

Q3. Why I order the machine from your factory?

We Cheffery are professional manufacturer for 10 years and we are focused on the product such as velashape hydrafacial and laser machine.All the product we provide will be tested strictly before our shipping.We have many long-term cooperation customers from all over the world.Trust us,trust Cheffery.


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Buy Wholesale Hydrafacial Machines For Your Customers At Amazing Prices

Microabrasion treatments have numerous advantages. Professional dermatologists, aestheticians, and beauty professionals frequently demand Hydrafacial Machine.

In addition, they frequently need to update or purchase new Facial Care Equipment as part of their daily operations, and it could also be from you.

At the same time, more people are looking for at-home microdermabrasion devices, which allow them to have spa-like treatments in the comfort of their own homes and often save money in the long run.

So why to wait? Buy hydrafacial beauty equipment Online USA. We have 7 in 1 hydro dermabrasion oxygen facial skin care beauty equipments with us.

Find Hydra Facial SPA Beauty Machine Kits At Home

You can appeal to one or both of these enormous target populations looking to purchase a Hydra Facial SPA beauty machine.

You may probably discover these items wholesale with the best Facial Beauty Equipment manufacturers & suppliers,, whether you're looking for professional diamond microdermabrasion machines or home microdermabrasion kits!

One of the most important advantages of using a Water hydro dermabrasion aqua peel facial beauty machine or a Facial Hydra Microdermabrasion machine is that they effectively exfoliate the top layer of dull skin and dead skin cells, revealing newer, more revitalized skin.

This is accomplished by using tiny crystals and then suctioning them away from the skin.

Reduce Facial Fine Lines And Wrinkles With Hydrafacial Machine!

Using a Multi-Functional Skin Care Facial Beauty Equipment, whether in a salon or at home, can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots, blackheads, and other issues on the face.

For even more effective results, Microderm infusion machines can inject therapeutic serums and essences into the skin soon after the exfoliation operation.

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Now you may get a Bulk buy hydra facial machine online for your customers at a great price! Now is the time to go shopping on to find the best offers and discounts.

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