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Velashape Body Shaping machine Slimming Machine for fat reduction and body slimming V8
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Working Principle:
Slimming machine is based on high-speed turbo vacuum technology, vacuum brings mechanical movement, and radio frequency can reach 5mm to 15mm under skin. The rollers lift up the epidermis and subcutaneous fat layer, after massaged the fat turned into fatty acids and removed out of body. Using near-infrared laser to adjust the body's impedance, so RF energy is concentrated into the connective tissue, effectively decomposing subcutaneous fat and reduce cellulite adipose accumulation

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Product Detail
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/ .Function _

Wrinkle removal Skin surface smooth
Body shaping Eyelid area treatment
Body circumference reduction Massage
Cellulite reduction Body slimming
Skin tightening Skin lifting

/ .Product Information

Model No V8
Item Name Velashape Body Shaping Equipment
Size 100*50*45cm
Handpiece 3 handpiece +40K cavitation head
RF frequency 1MHz
Vacuum 20kpa-90kpa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)
Laser power Max 20W
Net Weight 55kg
Package Wood case
Voltage 110-230V

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/ . FAQ

Q1. Can I customize my own machine?

We can do that and we can make your logo on the machine

Q2. What is the warranty for the machine?

We have 1 year warranty for the main equipment and 6 months warranty for the spare parts. All-life maintenance service is provided by us.

Q3. Why I order the machine from your factory?

We Cheffery are professional manufacturer for 10 years and we are focused on the product such as velashape hydrafacial and laser machine.All the product we provide will be tested strictly before our shipping.We have many long-term cooperation customers from all over the world.Trust us,trust Cheffery.


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It's as easy as using a cream to stay toned all year, allowing you to wear your swimwear. offers a variety of slimming creams, each with its unique set of advantages for customers.

Velashape Body Shaping machine Slimming Machine, Ultrasound Cavitation Red Blue Light Body Shaping Fat

Velashape Body Shaping machine Slimming Machine is a fat burner that accelerates fat breakdown and detoxification, resulting in weight loss.

In addition, customers can get rid of obstinate areas without worrying about dangerous chemicals or side effects. You can Shop Body Shaping Device products online with us.

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Customers want to Buy body sculpting machine at affordable price with their training efforts see positive outcomes. When you combine a tremendous slimming cream with a healthy diet and exercise plan, you'll look more toned and fit in no time. In addition, lotions that burn fat are frequently applied to specific areas.

For instance, belly fat burner creams, waist slimming creams, and stomach slimming creams are all designed to target the abdominal area. On the other hand, general fat-burning lotions can be used on the face, thighs, arms, and legs.

Apart from this, we provide:

  1. Ultrasound Cavitation Red Blue Light Body Shaping Fat
  2. body shaping machine for sales
  3. Liposuction Fat Burning Body Shaping Machine
  4. 6 In 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Bipolar Vacuum RF

Body slimming cream and face slimming cream moisturize and nourish the skin to keep it smooth, reduce cellulite visibly, stimulate faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue, eliminate persistent cellulite, burn away unwanted fat cells, and work to prevent future fat accumulation and cellulite reoccurrence.

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